Achievement area


Achievement area

In order to strengthen the connection and cooperation between colleges and universities and the region, the Ministry of Education implements the social responsibility of universities and cultivates college students who create direct value for local development. Since 106, the "University Social Responsibility Practice Project" (USR Project) has been launched. Linked to the "Higher Education Deep Cultivation Project" in 107, guiding university teachers and students to form a cross-field team, playing the role of a local core think tank in regional development, actively exploring local needs, solving problems through local advantages, division of labor and cooperation, and driving local enterprises and community culture Through the process of learning and participation, the innovative development of the university also allows college students to feel "needed by the community" and to be recognized by the local community.

The Ministry of Education’s “Higher Education Deep Cultivation Program” takes “fulfilling social responsibilities” as one of the four major goals, and encourages universities and colleges to submit additional volumes of “University Social Responsibility Practice Programs” to “connect locally” and "Talent cultivation" is the core, people-oriented, starting from local needs, and fulfilling social responsibilities through the concept of humanistic care and assistance in solving regional problems.

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