About Welfare Gerontechnology Research Center

The Nan-kia university of technologie was created - Year 60 of the Republic of China to create thus far for 49 years, in all walks of life, all have "south write the student&q...

Nankai University of Science and Technology-Building a non-old town in Nantou

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We create Nantou not old battlement USR team the town is at the grass Tun Central plains the elementary school hold "advanced age manpower again take advantage of- the cold wi...

Nankai University of Science and Technology and Zhiling Technology Industry-University Cooperation to Deepen Technology Care Application

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The super - aging society is about to come, the manpower fall come short become the secret worry, technologies' reliefs the silver hair to attend is already a progressive present t...

Senior Citizen's Physical Fitness Touring Train ~ Xinbei Community

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  Every Monday morning, the train departs to Xinbei Community, Mingjian Township, Nantou County. Grandpa and grandma will appear in the activity community on time, waiting fo...



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