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Poster:Post date:2020-04-18
The Nan-kia university of technologie was created - Year 60 of the Republic of China to create thus far for 49 years, in all walks of life, all have "south write the student" to cultivate to bloom among them only Cai, lie the superiority.South write technologies university 12 years in a row, full stroke acquires the Ministry of Education teaching outstanding university reward, another also acquire "the Ministry of Education skill is excellent to give a new life planning", since 107 years continuous the acquisition Ministry of Education"higher education deep tillage planning" and"the university social responsibility fulfillment planning" reward, again and again present the south to write technologies collegiate roll, can for model of Taiwanese skill job.
School with the point unique feature that"welfare technologies and service supervision" pursue studies to adjust the development, the school administration rolls to take"the unique feature turns, the superior quality turn, lasting turn" as the object, coordinate project, give or get an electric shock the property, manage, the people's livelihood four greatest collegiums department professional resource, match with province humanities and domain development, link each train development principal axis, duct into the intelligence campus that technologies element rolls "car, serve, tourism" to integrate the force by developing student's inter-discipline and integrate the resource accelerate province development, and kind exert university social responsibility.
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