Nankai University of Science and Technology-Building a non-old town in Nantou

Poster:Post date:2020-04-18
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We create Nantou not old battlement USR team the town is at the grass Tun Central plains the elementary school hold "advanced age manpower again take advantage of- the cold winter send warm" activity.This activity fundamental purpose is community advanced age the manpower inflict the training, let community elder via study, transform, the super - can lead the community elder behind will learn to steer contribute service to the community, during the activity in addition to the joy made the elder able to feel the dedication to serve, also hope through instruct the university student and elementary school student to let the elder find out stage and raise self-confident core of developing the bureau chief, via the course of the social participation hit to let the community elder stimulate aged target. This activity is planned by the not old battlement common host, Liu Guan, blesses the professor to plan and enjoy age beak Li Hui Ying's teacher teach the community elder first weave scarf skill, then let the community elder will have a class the weave learned the scarf skill teach a student to ultimately send the work to have the ethnicity to need care to the university student and elementary school and coordinate the consummation send the helping others of warm proceeding dream, via the activity take part in in addition to the worth and sense of achievement that can created the elders again can begin and use brains to hit to preclude an absent-minded target.This activity participative object for the elder of the south Bu community and Central plains community, another for promote old few in generation total learn, this activity and combine Central plains the elementary school write with south of the student together come to take part in, everyone struggles of the fruit ultimately will send in year-end cold winter warm to the ethnicity that need to be been concerned with . 
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